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Breastfeeding and special diets

Every celebrity mum seems to have some special way of eating, post-pregnancy, that delivers glowing skin, washboard abs and a happy baby! It’s no wonder many of us feel the pressure to get back into our pre-baby clothes super-fast, but do these special diets really...

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What clothing does your newborn need?

‘Nesting’ is a recognised part of becoming a new parent and one way that new mums often ‘nest’ is to start gathering clothes for their soon-to-arrive! However, this is rarely much of an issue as baby showers and donations of barely worn baby clothes often mean that...

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Top baby names for 2019

If you’re expecting a baby in 2019, you’ve probably already given some thought to baby names, but which names are predicted to be winners for the year ahead? Trending names Olivia was the top girls’ name for 2018, with Muhammed being the top boys’ name in the UK....

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Due over Christmas? A Maternity Nurse Company guide to coping

Some Mums' are delighted by the idea of a Christmas baby - others find the whole idea very daunting, so here’s a rundown of the reality of giving birth at Christmas.  Be confident about the care you’ll receive  Many expectant mothers worry that they might not get the...

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Should babies be given water?

  Should you give water to a newborn? A recent article on Yahoo UK has given mums a bit of a panic. In it, pharmacist Abbas Kanani has suggested that women should be careful about giving their newborn babies water, as it can result in a severe medical condition -...

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Are winter babies different?

The simple answer is yes. There are a lot of myths about what kind of baby you’ll have, based on when they are born, such as: Monday's child is fair of face Tuesday's child is full of grace, Wednesday's child is full of woe, Thursday's child has far to go, Friday's...

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How royal babies affect mums-to-be

While newspaper columnists are debating the fact that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is already pregnant, it’s worth looking at how a royal baby tends to affect all women who are pregnant around the time of a royal birth. First - names. George and Charlotte have topped...

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Second Baby Syndrome

Most of us have heard of the second child syndrome - but what about second baby syndrome… The Maternity Nurse Company believes it might be the first to coin the phrase but our experienced maternity nurse candidates know for sure that it’s real - so what is it like?...

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What should I know about giving birth in my forties?

Today, over forties are the only UK age group with a rising pregnancy rate. ONS statistics show that while only 12,032 women in their forties conceived in 1990, 28744 did so in 2016. One reason for this is that more women over forty are able to conceive, using the...

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Is a water birth right for you?

Many women opt for a water birth today, which can make it seem the new ‘normal’ but one thing the Maternity Nurse Company team knows is that there is no such thing as a ‘normal birth’. Every birth is different and every woman needs different approaches to her birth...

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Post Adoption Depression – Mireille’s story

There’s been a lot of talk about post adoption depression in the media recently. Give than post-natal depression has only recently become a subject that’s taken seriously. We thought we’d talk to some of our professional nannies who’ve deal with this subject. We...

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Should new mums diet?

There are plenty of old wives tales about what new mums should and shouldn’t eat. For example that breast-feeding mothers should drink beer (or milk) to help them produce more milk. That’s false. Not only that, but a new mum doesn’t need to eat any special or...

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Measles and your new baby

There have been more than 400 cases of measles already in 2018 - making this officially an outbreak. Young children and babies are at risk from measles because it is highly infectious. Although it can be a minor (if deeply unpleasant) experience. It can also, in very...

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Jaundice and newborns

Jaundice is a common condition which can cause new parents a lot of stress and worry. There are several forms of jaundice and medical expertise is required to differentiate between them. The most common - physiological jaundice - affects around 60% of full-term births...

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Should I go on holiday in late pregnancy?

Well, the honest answer is - that depends. First baby or experienced mum? Family history of challenging births? Natural nest-builder or restless in your third trimester? All these, and many more, will influence how late you should consider travelling in late...

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Bank holidays with a newborn baby

If there’s one group that isn’t looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend. It’s often parents of young babies. Not because they don’t love their new arrival but because they’ve already had experience of the disruption to routines that a Bank Holiday can bring.  For...

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Royal wedding ideas for little ones

Whether you are a monarchist or a republican, a royal wedding tends to be both an educational opportunity and a test of your patience! The fact that Harry and Meghan’s special day is also the FA Cup final means that life as we know it is likely to grind to a halt....

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To swaddle or not to swaddle?

New mums are swamped with information and much of it is conflicting. When we were asked recently about swaddling, we thought it was a good opportunity to speak to our night maternity nurses about whether or not they recommend swaddling babies. Here’s what we found...

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Taking your baby on a ski holiday – what you need to know

Many new parents don’t even consider taking their new baby on a skiing holiday. For any number of reasons including: It’s better to wait until our newborn is five or six and can learn to ski. It can’t be done - there’s no way that I can ski and have my baby around. It...

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