For those of us who couldn’t wait to get pregnant, hiding our pregnancy can seem like a strange idea. However for some women, controlling how and when other people find out about their pregnancy is vital.

Reasons to hide a pregnancy

We took a brief poll of our experienced maternity nurses and discovered that there are actually some pretty good reasons for women to conceal a pregnancy for a while.

  1. Being up for promotion or a big project at work

    This is a major reason for women to want to hold back on pregnancy news. It’s sad but true that in some industries. Ifa woman is known to be pregnant she may miss out on a promotion. Or be passed over for a substantial project because their employer is worried they may not be able to ‘see the thing through’.


  1. Fear of miscarriage

    This is such a common reason for not wanting to tell too soon. Especially if it’s happened before. A couple can feel the need to get past certain milestones before sharing their good news.


  1. Not wanting to upstage a friend or family member

    Whether it’s a sister’s wedding. A father’s retirement party or a friend going through a major experience like exams or running a marathon. Many mums-to-be prefer to time their announcement carefully to ensure it doesn’t steal attention from somebody else.


  1. You work in the public eye

    Actresses and politicians are the obvious women who might want to keep their pregnancy concealed for a while. But for anybody who spends a lot of time dealing with the public from police officers to dental receptionists. It can be important to keep their news quiet to reduce the number of intrusive questions (and ‘bump feels’!) they have to deal with.


  1. A significant person needs to know first

    When a best friend is backpacking around Nepal or a significant relative is too ill to be told but really needs to be first in the know. It can be easier not to tell anybody for a while.


How to hide a pregnancy

So if you’re one of those women who’d like to keep quiet about becoming a mum. How can you go about it?

We asked our professional maternity nurses about this and they produced a couple of clever ideas that definitely work.

  • Detox/eating clean.
    This can be the simplest way of coping with the changes to diet that pregnant women need to take on board. Adopting a primal/paleo or detox diet allows you to refuse alcohol, soft cheese and caffeine without people getting suspicious.
  • Dental work.
    If you’re at the stage of pregnancy where you’re having scans and GP appointments and worry that you’re going to be questioned at work. Then telling your work colleagues that you have some major dental work scheduled will allow you to take time off with no suspicions.
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