This week we’re going to tackle a difficult topic. Because it’s about how expectant and new mums can be put under pressure to do without the sources of support and expertise they feel they need. As one of our clients put it. “As an only child, whose mum talks constantly about how horrible her labour was and what a difficult baby I turned out to be, I was dreading the process of birth and the early weeks with a newborn. Choosing to have a maternity nurse was my way of ensuring that I would feel confident and learn the skills I needed, but after a couple of weeks I started to feel a bit ‘got at’ by a friend who kept asking how long I was going to keep this up and whether I wouldn’t be better spending the money in other ways. Fortunately I’m pretty resilient and I just told her that I knew I’d made the best investment possible for me and my little boy, but it made me wonder if this was happening to others?”

It made us wonder too. So we spoke to some of our most experienced maternity nurse candidates and found out that this does happen from time to time. So why do expectant parents choose to hire a maternity nurse?

Night time baby worries

Many families opt for a night maternity nurse because they have had previous experience of night-time waking that they haven’t coped with very well. If you have other young children and want to be at your best for the entire family, it can be an amazing benefit to have a night maternity nurse on hand so that your baby is expertly cared for while you get a good night’s sleep.

Wanting to be the best parent possible

One major reason we hear over and over again, is that mums want to ensure they maintain the quality of life for other family members. This might be other children, partners or – increasingly often – older relatives who live with the family or nearby and the need time and attention that a new mum is likely to struggle to provide. Having an experienced maternity nurse on hand allows new parents to really focus on the rest of the family as well.

Finding work-life balance with a new baby

One mum put it so well we thought we’d use her own words, “I wanted my daughter to know that life doesn’t end when you have a baby, instead it gets richer and more rewarding. Hiring a maternity nurse allowed me to continue to run my business, spend time with my partner and even continue my progress towards a Master degree. All things that I value and want my daughter to see as possible for her too.”

Health and development issues

New parents who are already managing health or lifestyle issues often benefit most from a maternity nurse. And when baby has challenges, having a childcare professional on hand can be very reassuring. We supply maternity nurses to many families with premature babies and our candidates have experience and qualifications in caring for preemies that give families more confidence at what can be a very stressful time.


So who knows best? You do, of course. And whatever your decisions, rest assured that other mums have made the same choices. Nobody can know your situation as well as you, which is why we’re dedicated to helping new parents recognise, and meet, their needs, so their first months with a new baby can be joyous and worry free.

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