Whether you are a monarchist or a republican, a royal wedding tends to be both an educational opportunity and a test of your patience! The fact that Harry and Meghan’s special day is also the FA Cup final means that life as we know it is likely to grind to a halt. Some of us will find ourselves involved in street parties. Whether we want to be or not. While others will discover that the whole day is being hijacked by plans to watch one. Or the other. Or both events.

So how can everybody enjoy the day and perhaps learn a little into the bargain?

Royal wedding games for older children

Many of the magazines and newspapers have the Windsor family tree printed in them. Which is a great opportunity to get your own family thinking about their family history and who is related to who. Give your children long piece of lining paper. Get them to start with their own siblings and work backwards up the family as far as they can. Then you can take over and fill in all the names and details you can remember. If you have a parent of your own visiting for the day, you can ask them to complete the tree with their own memories. You’ll be amazed what you discover and it may launch a lifetime’s interest in genealogy and family history. 

Royal bingo is a lot of fun too. Draw a grid and list the major (and minor) members of the royal family. Picking out one really remote name to go on each grid. Like Autumn Philips, Queen Letizia of Spain and Prince Frederick of Denmark. You can tick of a name whenever it’s mentioned on the TV coverage. The winner gets to wear a crown and give everybody orders for 15 minutes!

Royal wedding games for younger children

Find a old piece of cardboard and draw an ornate picture frame on it. Cut out the middle and use it as a prop for wedding photographs. Use props such as tiaras and jewels from charity shops. Ties, hats and wigs and buy cheap eyeliner to create moustaches and fake beards. Feather boas, bits of velvet and silk to make capes and long gloves (from charity shops). Let your little ones jazz it up to their heart’s content. A polaroid camera. If you have one. Makes a real occasion of the day but if you don’t, your mobile phone will serve nearly as well. Your nanny can help outfit the little ones and you can take it in turns to be the ‘court photographer’.

‘Build your own crown’ always goes down well and simply requires gold and silver cardboard and some cheap beads and stickers for jewels. Just make sure they are too big to be swallowed or pushed up little noses or you will find yourself spending the special day in A&E!

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