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Who knows best for you and your baby?

This week we’re going to tackle a difficult topic. Because it’s about how expectant and new mums can be put under pressure to do without the sources of support and expertise they feel they need. As one of our clients put it. “As an only child, whose mum talks...

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Preparing your home for a new baby

A Maternity Nurse Company candidate recently suggested to us that this would be a great topic for our blog. When we asked why, she said, “New parents do so much work to get ready for their new baby, but sometimes they forget the simple things that would really improve...

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Baby brain and how to deal with it

Whether you call it baby brain. Brain fog or pregnancy brain. If you’ve experienced the symptoms it can be one of the most frustrating and misunderstood symptoms of pregnancy and early motherhood. A recent report in the Medical Journal of Australia has found that it’s...

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The Maternity Nurse Guide to newborns and cold weather

Should you take your baby out in cold weather and if so, how should she be dressed?  For parents of winter babies. It can be a real challenge to decide whether it’s better to keep your child indoors or give them a chance at some fresh air.  Our experienced maternity...

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Breast feeding at family events, what’s acceptable?

Breast feeding can be a minefield, and probably few events create more tension for a breastfeeding mum than family activities. The first thing to be aware of is that it’s absolutely legal to breastfeed in public in Britain and in Scotland. It’s actually illegal to...

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Making a success of baby’s first Christmas

There’s increasing pressure to make something special of baby’s first Christmas - so we asked our maternity nurses what tips and tricks they have to help new parents enjoy this special time of year with their new baby. One experienced maternity nurse who has spent...

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The Maternity Nurse Company guide to Antenatal scans

If you haven’t been in the position of having an expectant mum whip out her scan and show you her baby, you’re a rare case. So while the scan process is often seen as the most exciting and least scary part of pregnancy. Some mums are still confused about the need and...

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Morning sickness and what to do about it

Many women experience what is commonly called morning sickness. Around 8 out 10 newly pregnant women will experience nausea, with or without vomiting. While for most this is simply an annoying fact of life. For others it can have a substantial impact on their lives...

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Baby body – our maternity nurses spill the beans

Just what does having a baby do to your body? Neither the romanticising baby magazines nor the horror stories told by your granny and her contemporaries over the kitchen table, are likely to be the reality. We asked our most experienced maternity nurses what they...

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Why do women hide their pregnancies?

For those of us who couldn’t wait to get pregnant, hiding our pregnancy can seem like a strange idea. However for some women, controlling how and when other people find out about their pregnancy is vital. Reasons to hide a pregnancy We took a brief poll of our...

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What to expect from your birth/newborn photographer

A generation ago ‘baby pictures’ meant a few quick snapshots of a baby wrapped in a blanket, or the professional photos taken in hospital that made all babies look identical. How things have changed! Today we have photographers involved almost from the moment of...

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Gender neutral babies – the facts

While gender neutral babies make the news, it’s actually gender neutral parenting that is the reality. There’s a huge variation in the way different countries approach gender neutral parenting. Sweden, for example, has introduced a gender neutral pronoun to the...

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Multigenerational holidays – heaven or hell?

It seemed like such a good idea at the time, taking your newborn or infant on holiday with your parents, or your partner’s parents, or maybe both. 20% of us have taken a three generation holiday in the past five years, so it’s a growing trend. But what’s the reality?...

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Maternity Leave – yes or no?

What mother wouldn’t want a year to spend with her newborn?  Well lots, actually! For a wide range of reasons, many new mums choose not to take their whole Maternity Leave.We thought it was about time to explore why. Why do women cut their maternity leave short? Our...

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IVF – an old technique may offer success

For many women the challenge of getting pregnant can be demanding. Before they are able to think about nursery decor and hiring a maternity nurse. They are faced with gruelling and often invasive treatments to try and conceive. However, an old-fashioned examination...

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Should I breastfeed …?

The debate about breastfeeding is never-ending, but when we spoke to our maternity nurse team about the big breastfeeding questions we got a surprise. While many women worry about how to breastfeed, whether they will succeed etc. Some of the biggest questions are....

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Long haul with a baby – good or bad idea?

For many families, babies and travel are a terrifying combination. However, many concerns about travelling with a newborn are misplaced, so we hope to dispel a few myths. Our maternity nurse team also has some common sense solutions to others that can make this a much...

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The benefits of having a night maternity nurse

At the Maternity Nurse Company we’ve seen an increase in the number of families seeking to have a night maternity nurse give them some extra help in their first few months. Every family is different. Our job is to provide the right help to ensure that your new baby...

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