If there’s one group that isn’t looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend. It’s often parents of young babies. Not because they don’t love their new arrival but because they’ve already had experience of the disruption to routines that a Bank Holiday can bring.  For example, skipping off to Florence for the weekend the way we did before we became parents is now a logistical and packing nightmare. The places we often go with our baby become congested and noisy. Often full of people who are drinking/barbecuing/playing ball games, which is their right, of course. But it turns our green oases into no-go zones with a very young baby. Even healthcare, which we take for granted, suddenly becomes all ‘out of hours options’ and ‘emergency calls only’. In short, a summer Bank Holiday can be a bit of a bear.

Travelling with a newborn

Dress your new baby in layers that can be put on and taken off easily. Take a battery operated fan in case you need to create a breeze and remember that car seats can be quite hot and sweat-creating so some cool wipes are a good idea. Actually flying with a newborn can be remarkably straightforward. Long car journeys are often more stressful as there’s no toilet cubicle for nappy changes and no way to get out of the Bank Holiday traffic if your little one does become fractious.  Always take twice the food and drink you think you need and ensure you have plenty of water. The stuff your little one drinks at home – as dehydration is always a possibility. Remember that unfamiliar water can cause tummy troubles even if it comes from a reputable source. Mineral water is exactly that, water with minerals in it and that can have unpredictable effects on a newborn’s system.

Bank Holiday days out with a baby

It’s good to get to places early. That way your newborn has a chance to acclimatise and the crowds aren’t too heavy. Given that you are probably waking up early anyway, why not capitalise on it! Equally, if you have a maternity nurse and you’ve arranged for her to work the Bank Holiday, why not treat yourselves to a day out without baby? You’ll come home refreshed and happy and baby will have been able to stick to his routine without disturbance. End result, everybody’s happy.

Long weekend blues

It can feel as if everybody else is brunching and lounging around in their jammies while you’re up at dawn with a grizzling new baby. But that really isn’t true. This is the time to network with the other parents in your antenatal classes and arrange a get-together that is baby friendly. It will remind you that your little one is really a bundle of joy and you have many years of happy Bank Holidays ahead!

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